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The overall objective of the longer term program (NATP in three phases over 15 years) and PIU-BARC is same which is to support the strategy of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) to improve national agricultural productivity, market linkage and farm income, with a particular focus on small, marginal and female farmers. The Project Development Objective (PDO) of National Agricultural Technology Program-Phase II Project (NATP-2) is to increase agricultural productivity of small holder farms and improve small holder farmers’ access to markets in selected districts.


The project development objective (PDO) of NATP-2 will be achieved through: a) strengthening the capacity of research, extension services and farmers to generate, diffuse and adopt agricultural technologies aimed at increasing farm productivity and reducing post-harvest losses; and b) promoting the sustainability of existing and newly created farmer groups and producer organizations by facilitating their stronger participation in commodity value chain, market-linkages,  and improving their knowledge and skill base. Thus, the PDO will be achieved through the generation and release of more productive and locally adaptable technologies, enhancing availability of quality seeds/breeds/ fingerings/ breeding materials at the small farm level and providing relevant production, value addition, food safety and marketing support.