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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ২nd জানুয়ারি ২০১৯

Program Based Research Grant (PBRG)

The second window of NATP-2 research investment is institutional Program Based Research Grant (PBRG) including research on cross cutting issues. National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs) has made considerable success in technology generation but could do much more if enough financial supports provided to strategic inter-disciplinary research on particular facets of demand led areas. To this effect, the designed institutional PBRG of NARIs will be conductive and effective approach. PBRG will make stronger footing with team building holistic research culture for achieving desired output for commodities and production practices. Most importantly, coordinated PBRG program amongst NARIs will widen scopes in integrating multiple organizations for jointly combating national agricultural problems and strengthening their research and research management capability apart from effective and proper resource uses in national perspectives.


PBRG programs are being coordinated involving at least two research providers: coordination can be inter-institutional or it can be interdisciplinary within the institute. In case of inter-institutional coordinated program, either BARC or one of the participatory organizations will coordinate. NARIs, Public University, Private Research Providers and International Research Centers with Co-financing arrangement will be considered for PBRG program. NARIs will get priority for implementation of PBRG programs. Non-NARI research providers must have adequate technical manpower and physical facilities for conducting the proposed research. International Research Centers under co-financing arrangement can participate in PBRG program in collaboration with national organizations. Under NATP-2, 33 PBRG research sub-projects will be undertaken for technology generation, and PBRG research proposal will get up to USD 500000(about BDT 387.5 lakh) depending on the size, nature and importance of the proposal.


The duration of the PBRG sub-project will be maximum a period of 4 (Four) years or less i.e up to June 2021. It must complete the field/ lab research activities within June 2020 of the implementing component and provide draft Project Completion Report (PCR) along with necessary data and information to the Coordination Component within December 2020. The Coordination Component must submit the final PCR to the PIU-BARC, NATP-2 within June 2021. It may be mentioned here that all the activities of PBRG sub-project to be completed no later than one year prior to NATP-2 closing date in order to allow enough time to adequately disseminate the research results.


 According to operational guideline of AIF-1, PIU-BARC had advertised invitation of Concept Note (CN) for PBRG sub-projects on 03 October, 2016 (First Call). After deadline, PIU-BARC received 150 CN of PBRG research proposals .Nine Technical committees of different Technical Divisions of BARC had reviewed the 150 CN of PBRG research proposals and selected 48 CN for submission of full research proposals. Technical Divisions of BARC had prepared independent reviewers panel. According to Project Implementation Manual (PIM), submitted each Full Research Proposal (FRP) was reviewed by two independent reviewers. After rigorous review, Executive Council (EC) of BARC had approved until now 39 PBRG sub-projects with BDT 102.38 crore against the targeted 33 PBRG sub-projects. Out of 39 approved PBRG sub-projects, 37 PBRG sub-projects have already been awarded and signing of Letter of Agreement (LoA ) of 36 projects have already been completed. A lump sum amount of fund (BDT 5.50 crore) has been disbursed to 26 PBRG sub-projects for initiating the research activities